Wednesday at the Forge; 1st April 2015, music for strings

Unborn In America; Jan/Feb 2015, Vault Festival Waterloo

EMULSION 2012 - Present

Play (after Beckett); 6th April 2014, Kings Place

Swiss Connections; 6th October 2013, Kings Place, London.

Britten and the Mahlers, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, 19th Sept 2013, 7pm.

Emulsion II: 12th May 2013, Kings Place London.

Global Austria (3): 25th April 2013, 7:00pm, Austrian Cultural Forum London.

Regency Reflections at Handel House: 4th October 2012, Handel House, featuring special guest Michael Finnissy.

Emulsion: 19th May 2012, The Vortex Jazz Club London.

Global Austria (2): 27th March 2012, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London

Modern Silence: 12th December 2011, Kings Place, Ensemble Amorpha presented an evening of old and new silent films, with new scores, alongside concert works intimately connected to film.

Shorts_Amorpha: 1st December 2011, 8:45pm, The British Film Institute, London

NONCLASSICAL: On the 7th of September 2011 we presented an evening of high energy contemporary music for a combination of Percussion, Clarinet, Oboe and Cello.

Regency Reflections: 9th of June 2011, 8pm, ICA, London.

AIR: 12th of April 2011, 7:30pm, The Forge, London.

Global Austria: 5th of April 2011, 7:00pm, Austrian Cultural Forum, London.

Actor Musician Duos (On a Bench): 17th-19th of June 2010, Shunt, London Bridge.

POLAR: 26th and 27th March 2010 Shunt (London) and at Jacksons Lane Theatre (London) 16th and 17th April 2010.

Shorts_Amorpha: previewed @ The Camden Head on the 4th of April 2010 the films were Ouallen by Damon Lee and There is Bacteria by Nicolas Wiese.

Duos/Solos Series: CONCERT I, 13.02.10 @ The Space, London. CONCERT II, 19.05.10 @ The Forge, London.