Play (after Beckett) consist of four duos for actors and musicians. In each case a wordless duo of musician and performer inhabit a stage to interpret a score of minor gestures, where time and the body seem suspended.

These pieces explore the tension and frustration of life’s daily activities and tasks as well as their antithesis. The domestic becomes the absolute, as ambiguous characters embody their cyclic ordinary realities in search of answers; even the sublime. Emotions are given full subtlety and powerful expression through the use of music interdependent in its relationship to the work of the actor, thus the symbiosis of the two disciplines combine to create one unique, fragile and superb performance. It is not dance nor is it mime, instead presenting a new form where music and acting co-exist in a single moment.

Ensemble Amorpha is collaborating with the director Peter Cant to produce the first ever performance of all four duos together as Play (after Beckett).

Book now for the world premiere @ Kings Place, 06.04.14

Past Performances:
Actor Musician Duos (On a Bench) @ Shunt, London Bridge.
17.06.2010 - 10:20pm
18.06.2010 - 11:15pm
19.06.2010 - 11pm